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Words of Encouragement

With the bustle of the school year, it can get hectic quickly. As a parent, there are a million expectations and a billion demands. The weight of the world can sit heavy on your shoulders. The frustration and the aggravation can build and before we know it, we can become somewhat numb to the needs of our children. We can quickly forget the stress they feel and the attention they need. We forget that they need those positive affirmations daily from us to help alleviate their stress, help them to create their own voice, and also to help instill self soothing.

Words of encouragement are something that we often say when we feel our children are doing something "right." We also give them when we are aware that our children are struggling with something "wrong." As a parent, how often are we giving them daily for no reason at all? How often are we telling them how amazing they really are; struggles or not, triumphs or not.? Are we sure that we understand the difference between encouragement and praise, and how does encouragement really affect my child?

Words of encouragement, are just that, words that encourage our children without any tone of judgement. It allows our children to develop more self motivation and determination. It allows our children to know what they think and how they feel is important. It encourages them to become independent. When we praise our children we put a tone out there that lets our children know that how we as parents feel and what we think is important. This in turn creates a child who wants to please us more than anything.

Valhalla Wellness is here to help. If you feel that you are having trouble effectively communicating with your child or feel that you are unsure of what encouragement is all about, please contact us for a free consultation at 682-708-3460 or you can reach us by email at [email protected]

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